Meal Program


Dear Meal Program Contact:

Please provide the following information to help us coordinate our meal program, and so that we can acknowledge your support and keep your organization an active part of the amazing Brisben story! The information is for Brisben use only and is not shared with anyone. After printing and completing this form, you may scan it and email it to: or mail the form to the above address. 

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  • The meal volunteer leader should identify himself or herself to the front desk staff upon arrival. If the lead volunteer cannot be available, he or she should designate a substitute. 
  • Meal volunteers are asked to sign-in on the volunteer sheet provided at the Control Center. Volunteers who want to volunteer in other capacities should speak with our Volunteer Coordinator.
  • If there is a last-minute shortage of volunteers please immediately notify the meals coordinator,
  • If you feel you need training prior to your designated meal preparation time, please notify the meals coordinator ( as soon as possible.
  • Please ensure that all meal volunteers wear gloves and pull hair back for sanitation. Please ensure proper hand washing and food handling procedures. Provide non-latex gloves.
  • To avoid cross-contamination, prepare meals separate from vegetables and other food products.
  • The following activities are the responsibility of the meal volunteers:
    • Prepare dinner using Brisben Center kitchen. Volunteers are not permitted to prepare meals off site and brought in. This is a Health Department regulation.
    • Serve meals promptly: breakfast at 8:00 am, Lunch at 12:00 noon, and dinner at 6:00 pm
  • Meal volunteers are asked to provide the following
    • Four gallons of milk
    • Fresh fruit (all varieties) in the winter
    • Large drink mix (lemonade, Kool-Aid, iced tea)
  • Check with staff to determine how many late trays to set aside.
  • Volunteers can bring unprepared food for later use. Please mark all food so it is not used before time to serve. 
  • Provide a menu one week before scheduled time to cook. This is a USDA requirement. 


  • No food may be removed from the Center. This is a Health Department regulation and must be followed.
  • All skits, puppet shows, studies, or other similar activities require prior approval by the volunteer coordinator.
  • Federal and state regulations prohibit any proselytizing or requiring residents to attend religious activities.
  • Volunteers for dinner should plan to be out of the kitchen by 7 p.m. to enable clean up by Center residents.
  • If a staff person asks for assistance, please comply. Thank you.
  • If you have enough volunteers, we may ask you to pick up pastries and breads from a vendor.

Thank You

David Cooper, CEO 

Thurman Brisben Center

471 Central Rd. POB 1295

Fredericksburg, VA 22402

540-899-9853 Fax: 540-895-9578